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Ningbo: Ningbo Boda Machinery Co., Ltd. successfully challenged the technical problems in the 4th China Innovation Challenge original title: Ningbo: Ningbo Boda Machinery Co., Ltd. successfully challenged the technical problems in the 4th China Innovation Challenge

source: Provincial Department of science and technology

recently, Good news came from the 4th China Innovation Challenge (Ningbo) meeting. The problem put forward by Ningbo Boda Machinery Co., Ltd., an enterprise in Beilun District - "key technology for high-definition cleanliness requirements of automobile parts" was successfully connected with Suzhou smank abrasive flow equipment Co., Ltd. in the competition, and was supported by a major special project of Ningbo "scientific and technological innovation 2025" of 2million yuan

according to the project leader of Boda: "In the past two years, with the steady development of the automobile manufacturing industry and the subsequent industrial upgrading and innovation, such as the gradual research and development of new energy vehicles and the improvement of fuel efficiency of internal combustion engine vehicles, cleanliness, as a requirement widely used in the auto parts industry, largely determines the normal operation of the oil circuit, waterway and fuel filtration of auto parts, thus affecting the normal quality."

the person in charge also said: "with the development of foreign countries (Germany) With the gradual maturity of the cleaning process, as well as the use of high-pressure deburring robots and turbulent cleaning, the ability of foreign enterprises to ensure cleanliness is also gradually improving. At present, the cleanliness of foreign products already in mass production has reached 200 microns of particles. Many unqualified products can still pass the acceptance, that is, there are no particles and burrs above 200 microns on the product surface. At present, the maximum cleanliness standard that can be reached by domestic equipment in application is 600 microns, which is far lower than the advanced foreign standards. In order to match the cleanliness requirements of foreign high-end customers, such as Daimler (Benz), BMW, ZF and other enterprises, the company can only consider purchasing the technology imported from abroad or developing the technology at home. Considering the long time cost and research investment, this has seriously affected the competitiveness of the enterprise in competing with overseas markets and competitors. Therefore, it is urgent to improve the cleanliness competitiveness of the automotive industry. Through on-site challenges, review and defense, competition docking and other links, the competition gathered the wisdom of all parties, integrated resources of all parties, and achieved new breakthroughs in "neck" technology research, enterprise key core technologies, etc., enabling enterprise innovation, injecting new impetus into enterprise development, and helping enterprises a lot. "

China Innovation Challenge is an important measure to implement the national innovation driven development strategy, build a technological innovation system and implement the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. As the host of the first live competition of the China Innovation Challenge, Ningbo creatively combines the competition with the major projects of "scientific and technological innovation 2025" and explores the "competition on behalf of evaluation". Rogers Corporation's high elastic material solutions division recently released a new product -- the new mode of thin aquapro 37 (aquapro 37 thin), which will surely promote more excellent enterprises The project and team thrive on Beilun, a fertile land of innovation, and jointly contribute to the high-quality social and economic development of Beilun

(source: Science and Technology Department of Zhejiang Province Author: Science and Technology Bureau of Beilun District)

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