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Chenghua District UAV professional teaching system where can Chengdu take the electrician qualification certificate

Chenghua District UAV professional teaching system where can Chengdu take the electrician qualification certificate

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Chenghua District UAV professional teaching system where can Chengdu take the electrician qualification certificate

Chengdu Huahang: you can't fly just like you want to! From May 1 this year, there will be new rules for unmanned aerial vehicles

in recent years, the number of unmanned aerial vehicles is increasing, which has also caused many problems. For example, falling accidents during take-off and landing flights cause damage to personnel and property, interfere with the normal flight of military and civilian aircraft, violate the right of privacy by aerial photographing, disclose state secrets, etc., which are really a headache

in order to strengthen and standardize the safety management of unmanned aerial vehicles, ensure public safety and maintain social order, this afternoon (March 28), the 11th meeting of the * * * session of the 13th Zhejiang Provincial People's Congress deliberated and adopted the administrative provisions on public safety of unmanned aerial vehicles in Zhejiang Province (hereinafter referred to as the administrative provisions), which will come into force on May 1, 2019

unmanned aerial vehicles, which are subject to the real name registration management system, refer to unmanned aerial vehicles, airships, aviation models, etc. that are not operated by airborne pilots and have their own flight control systems, except unmanned aerial vehicles that perform military, customs and police missions

29. "Minesweeping" recently, Jasper Baur and William Frazer, two students from Binghamton University in New York, USA, refitted and built a minesweeping UAV and successfully detected the undetectable "butterfly mine" (PMF1 mine). It is understood that the two students successfully found out the "butterfly thunder" whose heating speed is faster than the surrounding environment by combining a consumer grade UAV (3DR solo) with a thermal imaging camera (FLIR Vue Pro R) and using infrared sensing method in the sunshine. Today, about 10 people in the world are still injured by mines every day. Therefore, the upgrading of "mine clearance" technology has far-reaching significance for humanitarian and international mine clearance campaigns. 32. it is believed that everyone is familiar with the application of medical living transport UAV in logistics transportation. Recently, researchers have focused on the application of UAV in the transportation of living organs. It is well known that living organs only survive for a few hours after in vitro. Therefore, how to shorten the transport time as much as possible is very important. In november2018, researchers from the University of Maryland, under the guidance of surgeon Joseph scalea, completed the first successful experiment of transporting live kidneys by UAV. It is reported that Joseph and his colleagues modified the payload of the refrigerator carried by the DJI M600 UAV, and designed a wireless biosensor to monitor living organs in flight. Although the wind and heat of the wind turbine may bring risks to organs, the effect is still good. The temperature of the refrigerator is kept at 2.5 degrees Celsius, which is higher than the freezing point. The vibration or movement of the UAV does not seem to cause any damage to the kidneys

according to the administrative provisions, the real name registration management system is implemented for unmanned aerial vehicles in accordance with national regulations. The public security organ shall assist the competent civil aviation authority in implementing the real name registration management system for unmanned aircraft. The competent civil aviation authority shall facilitate the registration of the owner of an unmanned aircraft

the seller of pilotless aircraft shall correctly introduce the use methods and safety precautions to the buyer, and inform the buyer to carry out real name registration

bank guarantee, etc. The Flight Standards Department of the Civil Aviation Administration issued the regulations on the operation of light and small unmanned aerial vehicles (Trial) in the form of advisory notice, which regulates the operation of low altitude, slow speed and small light and small unmanned aerial vehicles. At the same time, specific measures are proposed to scientifically plan airspace, optimize flight services and improve approval efficiency. However, there is no clear operational process for the implementation and specific implementation of the opinions

the control personnel of unmanned aircraft shall have corresponding knowledge and skills

encourage the owner of pilotless aircraft to purchase third party insurance for pilotless aircraft

2. Is the price close enough to the people? Whether the flying car is a means of transportation for the rich or for ordinary people, although the positioning of each family is different, the specific pricing has not been given. If it is the transportation of the rich, what is the difference between flying cars and private planes? What is the significance of R & D? If it is the commuting tool of ordinary people, can the price be as low as the acceptable range of daily commuting? 3. air traffic control, regulatory agencies and legislative obstacles manned UAV testing is one thing, while formal operation is another. Infrastructure, airspace issues to be solved and supervision of laws and regulations will all become obstacles to the commercialization of flying vehicles. 13. defense drones have been used by the military to defend the enemy for many years. Some ground forces also regularly use small portable UAVs to monitor the enemy for defense purposes. With the improvement of UAV technology, many countries have increased their investment in this technology and military budgets, such as the US $64billion defense budget, providing huge opportunities for professional UAV manufacturers and software developers. 14. the UAV equipped with infrared thermal imager for emergency response can provide an ideal rescue scheme for the emergency response team. Because the UAV aerial photography technology can transmit the accident scene back to the command center, and the infrared thermal imager helps the rescue team identify the victims that are difficult to find with the naked eye

nowadays, everyone can afford to buy the UAV. It is really necessary to register in real name, otherwise the sensor will be an important part to change the accuracy and force measurement stability of the experimental machine for a long time, and many problems will occur. Mr. Wu, a senior UAV player, believes that registration is mainly about standardized management. For units and individuals that use UAVs regularly, whether to register or not has little impact, but for some people who want to play smart, it can play a certain deterrent. After registration, just like the license plate number, the owner of the UAV can be found one-to-one. It turns out that if the UAV flies in violation of regulations, it can only find someone on the spot to see who is operating with the remote control. However, many times, no one has the opportunity to fly beyond the visual range. If it flies far, in case of trouble, even the owner can not be found. After registration, it can find the owner through the UAV

in addition to Boeing, its competitor Airbus is also unwilling to fall behind. In February 2018, the vahana UAV developed by Airbus successfully flew for the first time. On february21,2019, Airbus announced that it and Shenzhen would jointly explore urban air traffic solutions. Both parties agreed that turning traffic from two-dimensional to three-dimensional is an ideal solution to solve traffic congestion and greatly improve traffic capacity and efficiency. More importantly, the two sides will jointly explore how to implement the new urban passenger and freight transport system represented by Airbus vahana manned UAV into reality, not just theoretical and laboratory research. 53. energy although alternative energy sources are becoming more and more popular, fossil fuels remain the world's main energy source. Examining the infrastructure for extracting, refining and transporting oil and gas is an important aspect of the industry. The regulator will propose certain standards to minimize the risk of damaging the environment. With UAV, most of the inspection work can be completed remotely and safely. Sky futures is a UAV company focusing on oil and gas detection. It is used by many large oil companies in the world to inspect offshore drilling platforms. Skyx systems also focuses on oil and gas detection and pipeline evaluation. At the same time, CyberHawk innovations provides solutions for fossil fuel energy and alternative energy suppliers. 54. retail

Qian Bao visited some UAV sellers in Hangzhou. The merchants said that if relevant regulations were introduced and implemented, they would inform the buyers to register their real names

in recent years, the application of UAV aerial survey in Geomatics surveying and mapping has become more and more popular. UAV aerial survey has been widely used for its unique advantages, but the large-scale application has also brought huge difficulties such as safety and supervision. Surveying and mapping aerial photography has obtained all the geographical information of the earth's surface. Surveying and mapping aerial photography negatives and image data are important secret related carriers, which are directly related to national security and interests. Guided by the global positioning system (GPS), UAVs can also spray extremely accurate pesticides on crops, which will reduce the use of pesticides by 30%. Guided by the global positioning system (GPS), UAVs can also spray extremely accurate pesticides on crops, which will reduce the use of pesticides by 30%

A staff member of the

**** franchise store said that real name registration is certainly beneficial to the management of UAVs. Some peeping, secretly photographing personal privacy, and using UAVs to commit other acts in violation of laws and regulations can be curbed to a certain extent. In case the UAV is accidentally lost in use, with registration, it is also convenient to find the owner

with the development of UAV and digital camera technology, digital aerial photography technology based on UAV platform has shown its unique advantages. It has many characteristics, such as flexible activities, simple operation, fast response, high mapping accuracy, rich products, etc. it has obvious advantages, especially in the rapid acquisition of high-resolution images in small areas and flight difficult areas. According to the mission requirements, aerial survey results of tens to hundreds of square kilometers can be obtained every day. In the process of UAV aerial photogrammetry, the surface data can be collected accurately and quickly. Compared with satellite mapping and manual mapping, UAV aerial survey can save time and provide users with the required measurement information faster and more quickly. UAV, this "cool" cutting-edge technology, is working hand in hand with agriculture, and the number of farmers using UAV is steadily increasing. UAVs are useful in the fields of soil analysis, targeted application of fertilizer agriculture, storm tracking, safety monitoring, pollution control and air monitoring. In the future, UAV has great potential in the field of agriculture. Provide stronger support for national economic construction. At present, UAV aerial survey has been applied to national major engineering construction, disaster emergency and treatment, land supervision, urban planning, environmental governance, ecological protection, transportation and other fields. In particular, if the electronic fence of the unmanned aerial vehicle is changed or damaged without authorization in the basic surveying and mapping, and the experimental plane flies within the no fly time and area, it will be fined. According to the administrative provisions, the unmanned aerial vehicle manufacturer shall install the electronic fence on the unmanned aerial vehicle in accordance with the relevant national and provincial regulations, and take technical measures to prevent malicious modification or change of settings. No unit or individual may modify an unmanned aircraft in violation of the regulations, or alter or damage the electronic fence of the unmanned aircraft without authorization

unmanned aerial vehicles are prohibited from flying over important units, facilities and places related to the national economy and the people's livelihood, national security and public security stipulated by the state and the province

Google initially acquired Titan aerospace, a solar powered UAV company, to provide many types of UAV driven tensile testing machines (similar to Aquila), but the project is very challenging. Since then, Google

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