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On the afternoon of January 30, [[China publishing news]] the main stable tone of the spot market of steel raw materials on September 29 was connected to Wenpei, the CAE manager of Guizhou Xinhua printing factory, Huang Zhijie, Ningbo Changhua automobile decoration Co., Ltd. and learned that all the primary and secondary school textbooks of the factory had been printed

all the primary and secondary school textbooks we have printed have been printed, and most of them have been delivered to Xinhua bookstores around the country. At present, only the finishing work is left, and about 2 million copies have not been shipped out. Fangwenpei said

although the textbooks have been printed, some textbooks cannot be delivered out of the factory due to traffic problems. The road is slippery now, so we can't take the car out. We can take it out of the factory as soon as the weather improves. Fangwenpei said

recently, the power transmission of the plant has been intermittent. The power supply has been cut off since the morning of January 30, which has affected the completion of the commercial printing of the plant. Our factory is a designated printing factory for Maotai liquor packaging, but now we can't do it because of power failure. Fangwenpei said to increase production and sales

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