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On August 9, Shanxi 500kV Shenquan power plant sent a letter of thanks to the Electric Power Research Institute of Shanxi Electric Power Company (hereinafter referred to as "Shanxi Electric Power Research Institute") for its electromagnetic simulation work, It has greatly ensured the safe operation of generators, transformers and other equipment in Shenquan power plant

± 800 kV high-voltage Yanhuai DC transmission system is one of the "four AC and four DC" key projects in the national air pollution prevention action plan, and undertakes the important task of transmitting power from northern Shanxi to Huai'an, Jiangsu. The 500kV Shenquan power plant is the first supporting power supply for Yanmenguan station, the transmission end of Yanhuai DC. Its access is an important measure to promote the solid implementation of Shanxi's energy revolution and energy transformation and upgrading

after analysis, relevant experts found that when Shenquan power plant was connected, once the three circuit 500 kV line from Yanmenguan station to minghaihu station tripped, it would cause the potential safety hazard of "island" operation between Shenquan power plant and Yanhuai DC. After the "isolated island" occurred, Shenquan power plant and Yanhuai DC immediately separated from Shanxi power, which may cause irregular oscillation of the electrical quantities of Shenquan power plant and Yanhuai DC, and the electrical equipment is extremely vulnerable. Therefore, the operation of Yanhuai DC and Shenquan power plant must be stopped immediately, and the power transmission to Huai'an station will no longer be carried out. However, under the current solution, the shutdown of Yanhuai DC will be faster than that of Shenquan power plant. The electrical equipment of Shenquan power plant and Yanmenguan station may be damaged because they can not bear the high voltage caused by the filter reactive power of Yanmenguan station. Jiangsu power, where Huai'an station is located at the receiving end, also has the risk of power failure of users due to low-frequency load shedding

in recent years, electric events caused by the transmission end failure of DC projects have occasionally occurred. Once it happens, it may cause damage to high-voltage electrical equipment, power failure of users in large areas, seriously affect people's normal work and life, and cause huge economic losses. National lansbergen said that the company is highly concerned about how to eliminate the problem that the hidden right end of Yanhuai DC "isolated island" is connected to the sensor as a fixed end. The national Dispatching Center entrusted Shanxi Electric Power Research Institute to assess the risk of "isolated island" after Shenquan power plant was connected to Yanmenguan station, and put forward corresponding solutions

Shanxi Electric Power Research Institute was appointed in the face of crisis. Three professional departments, namely, DC control and protection room, system technology room and equipment evaluation center state detection room of the electric power technology center, quickly set up a technical research team. Under the coordination of the Ministry of construction of Shanxi electric power company and with the help of carat weight, we investigated Shenquan power plant and Yanmenguan station on the spot and obtained the parameters of electrical equipment such as generators; Contact XJ, Guodian Nari, Hangzhou Siemens switchgear and other equipment manufacturers to obtain first-hand information; Learn the simulation method of DC transmission system from the National Institute of economics and technology, learn from its experience in electromagnetic modeling of ± 800 kV Hami Zhengzhou DC transmission project, and successively establish 7670 data nodes. At the same time, it has also become the national combination with the largest consumption of logistics packaging resources. It has built a fine simulation model of Shenquan power plant and Yanhuai DC, and deduced and restored the whole process of "island" operation of Shenquan power plant and Yanhuai DC, The withstand voltage level of electrical equipment in Shenquan power plant was verified

the results show that once isolated island operation occurs, the voltage and current of the electrical equipment in Yanhuai DC and Shenquan power plant will oscillate irregularly; Yanhuai DC was forced to shut down while Shenquan power plant has not been cut off. The voltage borne by the electrical equipment will reach twice the normal operating voltage, seriously threatening the safety of the electrical equipment. The research team of the Institute and the national economic and Technological Research Institute jointly proposed to adopt the DC control and protection strategy of Yanmenguan station and the generator removal strategy of the stability control system, and take two measures to solve the "isolated island", which greatly eliminated the major potential safety hazards of the damage of the main electrical equipment and the disturbance of Jiangsu electric power

the proposed scheme has been unanimously recognized by the state dispatching center of State Grid Corporation of China and China Electric Power Research Institute. So far, there has been a targeted technical solution to the potential safety hazard caused by the island problem of high-voltage equipment damage in Shenquan power plant and Yanmenguan converter station, and it has also avoided the heavy impact disturbance of Jiangsu power at the receiving end. The national dispatching center of state household appliances Co., Ltd. fully affirmed the simulation work of Shanxi Electric Power Research Institute, put forward the Yanmenguan station timing arrangement plan, promoted the rectification work according to the "isolated island" solution, and eliminated the hidden dangers of electric safety production

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