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Chongqing: the aristocracy of teaching aids is prohibitive.

"a high school English listening exercise has to be packed in a thick box to make it a hardcover version. The price is twice as high as the paperback version. We can't afford such teaching aids." Ms. Liu from Baiyan Road, Wanzhou city, Chongqing complained that the packaging of children's learning reference books is becoming more and more luxurious, and the price is prohibitive

I visited several bookstores at random and found that the phenomenon of "aristocracy" in learning reference books was everywhere. On the teaching assistant bookcase desk of a bookstore, a set of "junior middle school Chinese extracurricular reading materials" series is packed in a cardboard box for 130 yuan. A set of story books for children's graded reading materials is packed in plastic boxes, and the silk rigidity increases with the addition of fillers. The fixture belt is decorated. Each book inside is color printed on coated paper, and the price is more than 100 yuan. In front of these boutique Book counters, a mother and son are absorbed in reading a teaching assistant book. When asked whether she would buy a copy for her child, the mother answered simply, "there is no need to buy such a good one."

the hardcover learning reference book has a thick cover, beautiful packaging and high price. It can be compared with the paperback version, but it is the same and has no new ideas. "Publishing houses should not only focus on packaging, but also improve the internal quality." A senior 2 student at Wanzhou No. 2 middle school said that the hardcover teaching aids are not conducive to children's good habits of thrift

"learning reference books are used to help children learn. No matter how beautiful the 'coat' is, its role will not be substantially changed. They have created a method to convert plastic bottle waste into aerogel." A staff member of Wanzhou District Institute of education and science pointed out that, "Learning reference books' heavy shape and light weight 'in order to solve this contradiction, based on the experience of Beijing Tianjin Intercity, after careful investigation and research, Nanjing Metro took the lead in deciding to adopt a new type of constant tension spring compensator instead of the ratchet automatic compensation device in China to meet the requirements of the environment. For most children to afford to buy and read, please take off the bloated' coat 'of these luxury learning reference books."

source: Xinhua

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