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Scope of safety and security technical equipment on display

in this international safety production and safety monitoring technology and equipment exhibition and safety technology academic seminar, the safety and security technical equipment on display will involve the following aspects:

security and security technology for

→ industrial communication protocol

→ industrial communication system

→ related software

safety monitoring and analysis instruments

accurate to 0.01 → air pollution

→ water pollution

→ environmental pollution

→ food

safety and security technology for

→ PLC system

→ DCS system

→ FCS System

→ EPA system

→ automation and instrument intelligent system

civil security system

→ central monitoring television

→ buildings

→ residential area

→ home

→ office focus on the development of the third generation wide band gap semiconductor crystal Optoelectronic material rooms such as high-power semiconductor laser epitaxial materials and nano lithium niobate single crystal film materials for intelligent manufacturing

→ laboratory

overall safety monitoring and alarm system

safety products and systems are used for

→ mechanical equipment

→ electrical equipment

→ nuclear equipment

→ intrinsically safe production equipment

→ related equipment

sensors, alarms Actuator and system technology are used to carefully implement the double integral management method → coal mine tile from import to production

→ oil and gas well blowout

→ various toxic gases

→ chemical substances

→ explosion-proof equipment

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