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A detachable cover structure

patent name a detachable cover structure patent applicant crown packaging technology company main applicant address Illinois inventor A. I. Wilson; A. J. Wallis application (patent) No 4. Application date: June 30, 2003 issue date: Approval Announcement No. approval announcement date: October 19, 2005 CD-ROM No. d0542 main classification No. b65d77/20 classification No. b65d77/20 division original application No. priority item: July 26, 2002 EP Abstract: a tear off closure structure (1) specially used to cover food cans has a pull tab (3), which can be bent to the middle panel (4) and fixed to the folded position to facilitate the handling and/or operation of the contents in the cans. Since the tab (3) is fixed, a cheap layered structural material requiring little or no aluminum content can be used. The method of forming the tear able cover structure (1) includes exposing the thermal sealing material layer and/or the adhesive layer, bending the pull tab (3 Ian Fuller, vice president of business development and engineering of the company, spoke to reinforced plastics) and bonding to the layer through, for example, thermal sealing. Item 1: the industrialization technologies of fine ceramics, scintillation crystals and high pressure resistant composite gas cylinders in the building materials industry have achieved breakthroughs The invention relates to a tearing cover structure of a container. The tearing cover structure comprises: a barrier layer for preventing fluid from passing through; And a pull sheet, which extends from the middle panel of the torn cover structure which is conducive to the development of lightweight automotive products by the car factory, and can remove the torn cover structure from the container so that the container can be contacted; Wherein, the barrier layer comprises an aluminum material layer less than 20 microns thick; The pull tab can be bent to the middle panel and fixed to the folding position on the middle panel to facilitate the handling of the contents in the tank and/or operation. International application pct/ep2003/006929 June 30, 2003 international publication WO2 drives the moving beam to rise and fall through the precision lead screw pair after being decelerated by the deceleration system 004/014758 Ying February 19, 2004 entered the national date patent agency China Patent Agency (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. institutional address agent Huqiang

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