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Just now! Liu niansi's team won the first prize of China automotive industry science and technology award

on November 8, the 2018 "China automotive industry science and Technology Award", the highest level science and Technology Award in China's automotive industry and known as the "Oscar" of the automotive industry in China, was held in Shanghai Automotive Convention and Exhibition Center. The "independent R & D and industrialization of class a SUV" project of GAC group won the first prize of the scientific progress award and once again ascended the highest podium of the award. Liu niansi, vice president of GAC Research Institute, took the stage to receive the award on behalf of the R & D team

this is the first time that GAC group won the first prize in 2014 after the project "common graphite materials can be seen as the technology research and application of graphene stacked layer by layer" in the forward driving of cars based on cross platform modular architecture (CPMA). GAC group won the highest level award in the industry again

liuniansi, vice president of GAC Research Institute, received the award on behalf of the R & D team.

the winning project mainly developed the class a SUV model GS4, and developed the GS3 and GS4 phev/ev through platform expansion. As the main R & D model, GAC motor GS4 has been on the market for three years, and has achieved a groundbreaking production and sales of onemillion sets, which has brought significant economic and social benefits to GAC motor and become a star product in the history of Chinese automobile. At the same time, GS4 phev/ev based on GS4 research and development has been imported into the joint venture of GAC group and has started to be sold on the market, creating a precedent for the joint venture brand to import "domestic products"

this is a success that has withstood the test of time and market, and it is also the intelligent result of the joint efforts of GAC group, GAC Research Institute and GAC passenger cars. Trumpchi GS4 only took 24 months from project approval to mass production and listing, which is far lower than the 38 month average development cycle of the industry vehicle project at that time. At the same time, it has maintained a high level of R & D quality and created a model of high-quality development of its own brand

project director and technical director liuniansi led the R & D team, adopted matrix management, adopted a large number of concurrent engineering methods in the R & D process, made full use of global resources, carried out risk management in advance, made scientific decisions, and finally created a multi, fast, good and provincial "popular model" trumpchi GS4 with large sales, short development cycle, low failure rate and low development cost

Liu niansi and the project R & D team followed the trend and took advantage of it.

after trumpchi GS4 was put into production, it won the champion of J.D. Power China's new car quality research compact SUV models in 2016 and 2017 with excellent quality, surpassed many joint venture brands, and effectively improved the quality image of its own brands

the rigorous and scientific R & D process and breakthrough technical achievements of the project have also accumulated valuable wealth for GAC Research Institute to create a wider range of users to choose multi-star models in the process of selection. The winning projects have applied for 102 patents and granted 96, including 26 authorized invention patents, 25 utility models, 45 appearance patents, 3 software copyrights and 13 published papers. "Lingyun wing" and "light and shadow sculpture" independently and originally designed by the project have become the family design language of GAC motor; The application of fuel consumption reduction technology, positive NVH development technology, man-machine layout support technology and so on in more A-class SUV families, there is also a little son who is in school

"China automotive industry science and Technology Award" was established in 1990. It mainly commends advanced technologies and outstanding talents in the automotive industry. It is recognized as the award that can best represent the development level of China's automotive science and technology, and has a significant impact on the development of the automotive industry

this time, GAC group once again ascended the highest podium of the award, indicating that GAC's independent R & D strength has been highly recognized in the industry, further enhancing the influence of GAC trumpchi brand in the whole industry. In the future, GAC group will make unremitting innovation around the needs of users' mobile life, create high-value, high-quality, safe and reliable products with the spirit of technical craftsman, and continue to create value for users' better mobile life

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