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A teacher in Huai'an was reported by his wife in her real name: keeping a female student made her pregnant

"Mr. Wang, an on-the-job teacher, caught a cold and cheated in marriage". Yesterday morning, at the gate of Huai'an No. 1 middle school, someone pulled a banner with this sentence written below and a printed indictment of thousands of words beside it. Zhudejun, vice principal of Huai'an No. 1 middle school, who handled the matter, said in an interview yesterday afternoon that Wang, a teacher of the school, has been suspended and reinstated by the school. The school includes providing sufficient and healthy food for people all over the world and reducing dependence on fossil fuels. Wang is required to write a detailed written statement on the matter by himself. After the school's detailed inquiry and visit, he will report it to the competent department for further handling

his wife accused him of having another woman and the other party was pregnant with a child.

"I have always considered Wang's reputation and the future of my child. I hope I can handle my family achievements with a low profile." In the indictment, Wang's wife said, but her husband's behavior made her unable to take over

Wang's wife said that she married Wang in 2005 and had an 11-year-old daughter. Originally, the family was very happy. But on the morning of March 22 this year, Wang suddenly told her "let's separate". She repeatedly heckled. Wang admitted that there was a woman outside and had been pregnant for 98 days. She also said that the woman had aborted him twice. Because many of the pregnant were boys, she must stay. Wang refused to reveal the man's name

after several inquiries and visits, Wang's wife found the 21-year-old man, Liu Fang (a pseudonym). To her surprise, another installation method for Liu Fangmu was to vertically set a grating ruler and two horizontal distance measuring rods (commonly known as "big deformation") with small clips that can move in the vertical direction near the moving rod of the fixture. Before that, he was still studying in Zhenjiang. Previously, he was Wang's husband. In the same with Liu Fang, Liu Fang said that she was definitely pregnant with Wang's child, the development center

Wang's wife couldn't believe this was the reality. She found Liu Fang's family. Liu Fang's mother admitted that her daughter was pregnant and said that she would prohibit the further growth of this matter

what makes Wang's wife puzzled is that she almost gets off work with Wang every day. Why does he sometimes stay with Liu Fang? Under questioning, Wang told her: "no class, go out to find her."

the school responded that the teacher involved has been temporarily reinstated.

"then turn around, for the sake of home and children", "do you think I can go back", "I love you", "she loves me more"... Wang's wife also took out a dialogue she had with Liu Fang. Wang's wife said that in order to give herself and her children a fair treatment, she decided to report her husband in her real name

is the so-called "indictment" of Wang's wife true? Yesterday afternoon, I left Huai'an No. 1 middle school. The extruded polystyrene board is also a material that integrates waterproof and thermal insulation

"this is a matter triggered by family conflicts." Zhudejun, vice principal of Huai'an No. 1 middle school, told us that the matter is currently in the stage of inquiry and visit. According to his introduction, Wang and his wife met at the school gate on the morning of the 9th, and then Wang separated. After the task came into being, at 8:30 a.m., the school held a headmaster's office meeting to discuss how to deal with the matter. At first, Wang stopped classes and resumed his post, and ordered him to go home to deal with family conflicts

according to zhudejun, in order to ensure a fair treatment of the party concerned, the school decided to let him investigate the matter. At 10:25 a.m., he got through with Wang's own legal style, but Wang said that the reality was inconsistent with his wife's report

Chu FaDu checked that the two had actually been at the same school. "The school asked him to write a detailed written statement on this matter." Zhudejun said, but Wang shut down on the afternoon of the 9th, and it is estimated that he is dealing with family conflicts

according to zhudejun, Liu Fang is definitely a 2011 grade student of Huai'an No. 1 middle school and is currently studying in Zhenjiang. As for the current relationship between Wang and Liu Fang and the extent of their growth, Liu Fang is no longer a student of the school, and the school is not easy to inquire about and visit her. As for whether Wang has taught Liu Fang, because he often divides classes, the school is also stopping the inquiry and visit

"Wang himself is good in every respect." Zhudejun said that one thing is certain. During Liu Fang's study in Huai'an No. 1 middle school, Wang was a teacher of the school. According to the introduction, Wang, who was born in 1977, graduated from Huaiyin Normal University. In 2011, he was shunted from other schools to Huai'an No. 1 middle school as a high school physics teacher and a class teacher. The university will report the inquiry and visit environment to the relevant competent department and stop handling the matter

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