Yunshuo smart lock meets you at the 10th yongkangm

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Yongkangmen Expo is about to be held. Yunshuo intelligent technology will bring four highlights to the exhibition to refresh the trend of smart home layout

the big exhibition is coming, smart attack

yunshuo smart lock gorgeous return

fight for Yongkang door Expo again

time: 2019.05.26 - 05.28

location: Yongkang International Convention and Exhibition Center

booth number: b2t05-2

yunshuo smart technology

this exhibition will bring four highlights

refresh the trend of smart home layout

to open the next era of smart home.Getuyere

have a look at the whole series of products, Since its establishment, yunshuo intelligent technology has gathered a team of national excellent designers, spent three years of painstaking cultivation, went deep into the new pattern of "ai+ smart lock", and created a number of series of smart lock products. In this exhibition, all products of yunshuo intelligent technology will make an amazing appearance, setting off a new wave of intelligent door locks

highlight 2

the exhibition hall was upgraded and made a stunning appearance

yunshuo intelligent technology exhibition area uses a large area of white as the keynote, with high-quality gray and blue embellishments, and the space outlines neat lines and warm lights, creating a new sense of future fashion of minimalist space aesthetics. More eye-catching fashion culture, more tasteful exhibition elements, and more fashionable interactive ways make every audience become the focus of fashion

point 3

from Xiaobai to Daniu, the new support system

yunshuo intelligent technology's new generation investment promotion strategy has been fully launched, with one-on-one assistance, so that the support can be fully implemented and the dealers can start business with zero experience. What's more, yunshuo intelligent technology professional brand operation team provides comprehensive strategic support for marketing activities, truly meets the personalized needs of every dealer, and helps dealers from Xiaobai to Daniu to achieve rapid profits! Cooperate with the new investment policies to make excellent dealers become the protagonists of the times

highlights 4

juxiong summit, industry weathervane

today, with products becoming increasingly homogeneous and fierce competition, more intelligent lock products are stirring the market pattern with a fashionable and low price attitude. Yunshuo intelligent technology adheres to its original intention, integrates intelligence into ingenuity, shakes the world, upgrades security black technology, creates a whirlwind of greater market value for yunshuo intelligent lock, and allows more consumers to enjoy the safety and convenience brought by yunshuo intelligent lock

at this yongkangmen Expo, yunshuo intelligent technology invited industry masters to share the dry goods sold in the smart terminal market and grasp the pulse of the smart trend; The theme forum sublimates the theme of this press conference with professional discussion, touches the inner desire of users, and leads the industry vane. Let's wait and see

New yunshuo, new you

may 26-28


yunshuo shares the future with you




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