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What are the Feng Shui taboos in the decoration of new houses? For the owners who decorate the house, if they want the house to have good feng shui,

they must plan well before decoration, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble afterwards? In the feng shui of house decoration, the living room, bedroom, kitchen

Room and restaurant all have their own Feng Shui stress, and are related to the fortunes of the family. Now let's take a look at the Feng Shui taboos in the decoration of the new

house with Xiaobian

first, the living room

the living room is the main place for family members to communicate and increase their feelings. From the perspective of Feng Shui, it is the "culprit" that affects the cause and wealth of residents; So Feng Shui in the living room is very important for residents

Feng Shui taboos in the living room: it should not be long and narrow, strange things should not be placed, and it should not be dark

second, bedroom

people need to rest, so people spend a third of their day in the bedroom. Bedroom Feng Shui has a huge impact on health

and even good luck

bedroom Feng Shui taboo: balcony or floor to ceiling window is forbidden

III. The dining room

the dining table is where the family eats together, so its good or bad luck and prosperity have a great impact on the feng shui of the home. The color of the dining table should be

based on the selection of viable colors, so as to stimulate appetite

restaurant Feng Shui taboo: it's unlucky to see the table at the door, and it's not good for the restaurant to share a room with the kitchen. It is very bad to combine the restaurant and kitchen into one. Because the fumes accumulated during cooking will affect the hygiene of meals

IV. kitchen

the food of the family should come out from here, because the kitchen has a great impact on the health of the family

kitchen Feng Shui taboo: the kitchen must not be set between two bedrooms. If you violate this taboo, it will not benefit the people living in the bedrooms on both sides. At least one side of the kitchen should face the open space, and it should not be closed or in the middle of the room

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the quality of people's living is closely related to the houses they live in, and there are many factors that affect the good and bad luck of houses. Here, I tell my friends the major factors summarized by experts:

1. It originally belongs to cultivated land, but the crops on the ground are not mature or harvested in the future, so it is necessary to fill the soil and lay the foundation immediately, and bury the crops in the ground to build houses, which will surely lay a curse on the houses built

2. The house built on the road (even part) is ominous, because the road is for everyone to use. It has been used for a long time for people to come and go. It is very sensitive. When the house is suddenly built, individuals in the house will soon fall in the family path, or suffer from a strange disease that is not well treated

3. If the original place is a paddy field, low-lying or low-lying place, you should fill it first before you can build a house. But if you don't pay attention to the filling, the filling is dirty soil, especially the filling with garbage, which is filthy soil. People who live on it in the future must be unhealthy, often suffer from diseases, and their fortunes will decline

4. If the foundation is in the place that used to be an ancient well, and it is not properly buried, the residents of the buildings built on this land will suffer from ear and eye diseases, and even blindness or deafness. In addition, if you build a house in the woodland, you must completely remove the roots. If the solid roots grow upward, cover them under the ground, which means there is no way out. The feeling given to the residents in the house is that there will never be a bright future, or it will be late

5. Houses built on random graves are only suitable for the use of the army, schools, etc. when used as residential houses, it will be dangerous. It seems that many cities have this situation, and the result is naturally bad

6. Similarly, the houses built on the slaughterhouse will make people feel uneasy because of too much killing, unclean foundation and gathering of grievances

7. In ancient times, it was considered bad to offend the Mason when building a house, because he might draw a person on the brick, press it on the wall, or draw a symbol on the beam. Then in the future, I'm afraid the family will also be sick and restless. Although this is rarely the case in modern society, Dr. Zheng reminded friends that if there has been an accident at the construction site of the building, or injured or dead, then the house will usually be in bad luck in the future

8. It will be unlucky to migrate and enter the house without choosing a date. The joy of housewarming must pay attention to choosing a date. In addition to the auspicious day and auspicious hour, it is also necessary to avoid the opposition taboo of the owner of the house on that day. Otherwise, like "moving without making a house, you will have trouble in the future", your troubles will be common

9. If there has been a murder case in the house, such as someone committing suicide in the house, or a murder case, or even a natural death, the soul may not disappear, which will turn the house into a murderous house, which is in urgent need of conditioning

10. Choosing a wrong day or breaking ground without choosing a day will affect the good or bad luck of people who live in the house afterwards, just as the time of birth affects the development of their future life

11. Due to the increase of population, some families change one of the two toilets in the house into a bedroom or study, so the people who sleep in this room will certainly sleep restlessly and sickly, and the study work will also be greatly affected. Because the toilets upstairs and downstairs are all in the same position, they are dirty up and down, and people are sandwiched in the middle, which naturally makes them angry

12. The back of the house is "sitting", while the front is "facing". The sitting direction of the house must be a straight line, so "sitting North" must be "south", and "sitting east" must be "West". Many people feel confused and mistakenly use the window to separate their seats. When the window is facing south, you think it is a house facing south; When the window faces west, you think it is a house facing west. In fact, the direction of the house should be based on the gate. Remind everyone: if a house is lucky to be lucky, it will be great luck! But if we can't have it both ways, then what is the importance of "sitting lucky"? Or is "Xiang Ji" more important

"sitting" is the foundation; Sitting in an auspicious position is auspicious, sitting in an ominous position is ominous! The "direction" is easier to adjust, even if it is towards a bad direction, it is not difficult to change. "Sitting" can be said to be a coordinate, which cannot be changed at will, so many times when modifying Feng Shui, it is often to change the direction without changing the sitting, which can avoid major engineering changes

it can be seen from the above that the good and bad luck of houses are restricted by many factors. They are built at the same time, sitting in the same direction, and if the door is opened in the same position, the strength of the house varies. Although houses are destroyed, they can be free from evil. Although the house is only a small evil, it brings disasters. It also varies according to the strength of the house and the fate of the owner of the house

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