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On August 31, the 19th collective birthday party of Yadan wardrobe was successfully held in the company headquarters. The theme of the birthday party was "Yadan - your and my home", and all birthday stars who had birthdays in August were invited to attend

on August 31, the 19th collective birthday party of Yadan wardrobe was successfully held in the headquarters of the company. The theme of the birthday party was "Yadan - you and my home", and all the birthday stars who were born in August were invited to attend. Senior leaders of the company, such as chairman Colonel Zhang, production director zhaoweichao, deputy general manager of administrative operations Xu zaoming, attended as guests, sending infinite warmth to the party

at 6:00 p.m., the birthday dinner was officially held in the company restaurant. The birthday stars slowly entered the hall and took their seats one by one. Good wine and delicious food were served one after another, and the dishes overflowed. While the birthday stars were talking and laughing, president Zhang, president Zhao, president Xu and other leaders came unexpectedly, which surprised the whole audience, applauding and cheering loudly. Zhang Dong cordially said hello to everyone and drank a happy birthday. He said, "it is a rare fate for us to get together here for our birthday. We are both colleagues and family members. We should unite, love and help each other in work and life, and be a loving family." He said that the company is gradually implementing the accommodation improvement plan to ensure that employees eat well, sleep well and work well, so that every Adan people can live a comfortable life and work at ease. Zhang Dong's words are true, exciting, emotional and touching

after the dinner, everyone moved to the training room on the third floor of the company to attend the birthday party. The wonderful music is particularly sweet in the evening of early autumn. With a warm and lively rhythm, the party kicked off with the sincere blessing of the host. The birthday party is dominated by games, interspersed with special programs directed and performed by the birthday stars. Due to the large team of the company and the busy work at ordinary times, the party site has become a happy platform for birthday stars to chat and make friends. Groups of people discuss game strategies, unite and cooperate to make their team win the game and give full play to the team spirit

after the carnival, the lottery was staged immediately, and a wave of super value awards came on stage, pushing the atmosphere to a climax in an instant. With warm birthday songs and sweet birthday cakes, the birthday party came to a successful end with cheers





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