Conduct closed water pressure test before conceale

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1. Ground waterproof closed water experiment

if the original ground is damaged during construction, it is likely to damage the original waterproof layer& quot; Flood is difficult to cure ", Bring inconvenience and loss to yourself and others. It is necessary and easy to be ignored to make the ground waterproof. At present, elastic waterproof materials are mainly used in home decoration waterproof Engineering: polyurethane coating, acrylic acid coating, plugging agent, etc. After the waterproof treatment, the closed water test shall be carried out according to the regulations to see whether there is water leakage within 24 hours

2. Pressure test should be carried out on the pipes

in addition to the plumbing pipes in the kitchen and bathroom, the heating pipes in each room are also prone to problems. As the pipeline installation is not easy to check, all pipelines must undergo water injection and pressure test after construction, and it is considered as qualified only if there is no escape, emission, dripping and leakage





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