How to design a woman's wardrobe how to save space

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The wardrobe is indispensable for women. It plays a role in storing clothes. In the eyes of women, the wardrobe is always filled with dissatisfaction, so we should consider the design of the wardrobe when choosing it. How can we save space? Next, let's take a look at the design of women's wardrobe with Xiaobian

how to design women's wardrobe

1 Generally, our wardrobe is divided into four types: rolling, placing, stacking and hanging. When designing the wardrobe, we should consider whether there are more clothes hanging or stacked. The wardrobe made in this way is both practical and beautiful

2. In order to make full use of the space of the room, when designing the wardrobe, you might as well design a wardrobe connected with the ceiling. When sorting clothes, you can put the clothes you don't often wear high above and the clothes you often wear below, so that the clothes can be easily taken out at ordinary times

3. The design of women's wardrobe has different accessories and functions. Using these materials can better help us classify clothes and save space. If there are more clothes stacked, we might as well design more compartments. Clothes classification, don't worry about disrupting our pace of life

how to save space in the wardrobe

1 As we all know, our pants will inevitably have creases when stacked in the compartment. At this time, we can use our drawer type pants rack with roller skates. When we take out our pants, we just need to pull out the drawer, take out the pants, and then push the drawer back. This not only solves the creases on the pants, but also saves space

2. There are many small clothes in our life, such as underwear, towels, etc. at this time, our drawers come in handy. We can design small partitions in the drawers, and then put them away one by one, so that we won't have a headache for intertwining each other

3. You can design several hooks next to the wardrobe, which can hang scarves, hats and other accessories. At the same time, it also has the advantage of classification, so that you can easily find accessories matching today's style before you go out, and make full use of the space of women's wardrobe

4. Due to the space height, the quilt and out of season clothes can be placed on the upper layer, which makes it more convenient to take them. The middle of the wardrobe can be used to place some clothes that can be hooked up, and some coats can be easily taken. In the lower layer of the wardrobe, drawers and separation boxes are generally designed to place some foldable clothes

Xiaobian summary: the above is Xiaobian's shared women's wardrobe design. Reasonable wardrobe layout can make your life more orderly. Please consider the classification of your clothes when designing, and design the wardrobe according to the type of your clothes




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