Senpia whole house custom home design glonen serie

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Senpia whole house custom home design groaning series, modern and simple style, without any burden, allows you to find a free soul in a comfortable home

in life

we experience different complexities and disturbances

see more complexity and luxuriance

sometimes what we pursue is

natural, simple and minimalist

groaning series

in Valencia, Spain, the appearance of the house is composed of pure white + geometric blocks. The overall design is very simple, without any redundancy, integrated with the surrounding beautiful environment, giving people a natural beauty. The whole house has beautiful lines, extending and flowing

? Design style

living room

modern simple style, open and spacious space, clean and concise overall, linear lines, without too many complex designs and decorations. Beautiful and timeless, it is a classic choice for home decoration design. "Find a free soul in a comfortable home."

? Color matching

walnut: timeless classic color, not deep or light color, not thick or fine wood grain, all just right

snow peak white: pure white without texture, smooth texture makes the product more fashionable

light fruit green: fresh and elegant, as an embellishment color, enhance the warmth of the product

1 Living room

the living room is comfortable and tidy, open and bright, smooth and capable of straight lines, without redundant decoration. Under the warm light, it is warm and elegant, showing the high-end atmosphere

2. The door to the top design of the entry cabinet is cleverly divided into storage area and shoe changing area to maximize the use of space. Such practical and durable furniture is the best choice for both small and large families

3. Study

the study is designed with two desks, which is convenient for both husband and wife to work at the same time. It has independent space and can promote emotional communication between husband and wife

4. Master bedroom

the bedroom space is reasonably used, and the clothing storage area + reading and entertainment area + Leisure and dressing area are connected into one, which makes your work and life extremely relaxed and comfortable

5. The multi-function room

bed and cabinet adopt the connected design, which greatly saves space. L-shaped desk and bookcase have powerful storage function. One space covers the functions of sleep and office, achieving the effect of one room with multiple functions

classic style, classic color matching,

high-end style design and humanized practical functions,

Semper yagronin series really achieve durability, easy to use and timeless

even after 50 years, it is still as beautiful as it first appeared, which makes you palpitate




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