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In the hustle and bustle of the city, let the silent beauty precipitate all the disturbance, and bring the natural temperature into this circle

in the noisy city, let the beauty of silence precipitate all the disturbance, and bring the natural temperature into this circle. In the bleary afternoon, sit quietly by the window, waiting for a touch of sunshine or a cup of coffee after the rain, and feel the peace of mind away from the hustle and bustle of the city. This is the feeling that modern simple style brings to you. Next, I'll show you how to design modern simple style

the living room

uses the open layout treatment, which not only releases the narrow space, but also makes the restaurant area more integrated, creating an extended and smooth pattern sequence, and uses the cold gray tone to create the base, condensing the simple and modern life texture, coupled with the flow of outdoor light, lining out the natural texture of the selected materials. Under the interweaving of the warmth and delicacy of wood and the hardness and coldness of stone, Outline the unique space temperament

dining room

the dining room and the kitchen are open spaces. The white dining table is connected to the kitchen console, with 4 Black dining chairs, which brings a fashionable and elegant black-and-white matching to the space. Three petty bourgeois style chandeliers are hung above the table, creating a warm and interesting dining atmosphere for the table area. The side storage cabinet provides rich storage space for the dining room area. The L-shaped operation desk in the kitchen, the champagne cabinet panel and the gray wall tiles make the whole kitchen space look luxurious and temperament


what the bedroom needs most is absolute comfort, which is a comfortable and happy space. The simple bedroom changes luxury, discards too many decorations, wins more with less, wins more with simplicity, leaving only the comfort brought by the purest bed, lamp, chair and cabinet. The simple design is closer to nature. Every morning, when the sun shines through the big window, it is bright and comfortable. The light can smell the clean smell through the fingers

modern simplicity, as the name suggests, is to make all details look very simple. Decoration is extremely simple to make the space look atmospheric and concise. If you also want to have a modern and simple style home, you can contact us online




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