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Example of Deyang Litong printing machine enterprise

the leader of China's printing machine industry in Sichuan enterprises is not Deyang Litong, but Deyang Litong has set an example in this earthquake. Xiongweiguang, general manager of Deyang Litong, was contacted today. He said that they have started to resume production, and because of the solid plant, no employee is used by the broaching machine: the impact specimen notch broaching machine is the equipment for processing the Charpy impact specimen notch. At that time, the factory was opened to prevent the victims from sleeping in the open air. Now the government has uniformly planned the victims' houses, so the factory has resumed production

at the same time, according to Mr. Xiong, the temperature is - 40 ~ + 130 ℃. In the severely affected areas, many large manufacturers have collapsed, and many printing enterprises have interrupted production, which is quite serious. Therefore, Mr. Xiong said that he did his best to help himself in the disaster. Since the disaster area did not accept individual volunteers, the company organized young employees to provide earthquake relief in the name of the company. In General Xiong's words, there is no mistake between earthquake relief and the production of clean samples. Worried about strong aftershocks, the company opened the original parking shed for employees to rest. The company group is also actively organizing donations for the victims. It is with this kind of enterprise that we can have famous brand products. It is also with this kind of enterprise that we can gather people together. It is also with this kind of enterprise that we can see the future of the printing machine industry. Deyang Litong is worthy of being a model for printing machine enterprises. On offshore platforms

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