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Evonik helped the new composite lightweight electric vehicle make its debut in Shanghai

the new Roewe E50 pure electric vehicle made its debut at the SAIC booth of Shanghai International Industry Expo. This electric vehicle showed the excellent lightweight design solutions from Evonik industrial group. This new energy vehicle is powered by lithium electronic batteries. Roewe E50 adopts a variety of lightweight materials from Evonik, which can help greatly reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, such as baokeli materials applied to automobile side windows, rear windows and tail lights, Rohacell reinforced composite materials used to guide the design of covers according to actual needs, and epoxy resin system based on vestamin curing agent

"we are very proud to provide Evonik with advanced plastic solutions for the first pure electric vehicle of SAIC." Mr. Xuhang, TPU material person in charge of Evonik Greater China lightweight design project through special adjustment, said

Roewe E50 adopts Evonik baokeli materials, which can reduce the weight of automobile side windows by 40 ~ 50%. This coated polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) can be widely used in car windows to replace the traditional inorganic glass, and make a strong contribution to reducing energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. Compared with the inorganic glass materials with low unit price exported by the extruder, baokeli material has excellent UV stability and acoustic performance, so as to improve the added value of the whole vehicle. In addition, the use of baokeli materials also gives designers a very broad design space for 600kN horizontal tensile testing machine and 1000KN horizontal tensile testing equipment in the modeling design, and can calmly realize complex curved surfaces that cannot be realized with inorganic glass. Baokeli material of special grade is also applied to the tail lamp of Roewe E50 to achieve special light diffusion effect

the hood of Roewe E50 adopts Rohacell hard structure foam developed by Evonik. This material is used as the core of sandwich structure. Compared with the metal engine cover, the weight reduction efficiency of sandwich composite is as high as 70%. Thanks to the excellent heat resistance and mechanical strength of Rohacell hard structure foam, it can be cured at a temperature above 130 ℃, so as to shorten the curing cycle and reduce the production cost. Because of its high mechanical strength at low density, even the very thin Rohacell foam sandwich structure can be used to create lightweight and high-strength body parts

in order to support the requirements of mass production of composite parts, the epoxy resin system based on vestamin curing agent can be used in the resin pouring production process. The forming cycle is further shortened to meet the requirements of mass production

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