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Evonik launched a new resin product with 100% active substance content

Evonik recently launched the resin Tego? Addbond LP 1600 and LP 1611, the products have excellent flow performance and are suitable for product applications in contact with food

Evonik introduced a new resin product with 100% active substance content

these two adhesion resins will not increase the volatile organic compounds (VOC) content of the coating while reducing the viscosity, so they are suitable for high solid content coating formulations. In addition, its active substance content is as high as 100%, which can reduce storage and transportation costs

liquid Tego? Addbond LP auxiliary resin is a polyester resin, which is specially developed for high solid content coating systems (such as two-component polyurethane system, two-component epoxy tree control, relatively simple resin system for conditioning, paint baking or alkyd formula, etc.). The resin is especially suitable for industrial products operating in open environment, including large vehicles, ships and general industrial machinery. In the above applications, its long-term effect, weather resistance and chemical resistance will be significantly better than traditional products. In addition, addbond LP resin has also passed FDA 175.300 certification, which is suitable for product application in contact with food. TEGO? The brand awareness of addbond LP 1600 and LP 1611 has further increased, meeting the requirements for printing ink in the packaging field in the Swiss consumer goods regulations (Swiss a). These two resins are not dangerous goods and can be handled safely

TEGO? Addbond LP 1600 and Tego? Addbond LP 16 will bring market expansion opportunities to core materials such as upstream positive electrode materials, negative electrode materials, electrolyte, lithium diaphragm, etc. 11 the difference lies in their inherent viscosity. The viscosity of LP 1611 is slightly higher than that of LP 1600, but it has a low impact on the hardness of the final system, so it has a small impact on the mechanical properties of the coating. Compared with LP 1611, LP 1600 has lower viscosity, so it can reduce more VOC content

global restrictions on VOC emissions are becoming increasingly stringent, resulting in more and more restrictions on coating manufacturers when selecting raw materials. Therefore, they are constantly looking for new ways to adjust their formulas. Evonik continues to expand its product portfolio in the field of additives and resins to meet the needs of customers. The company recently launched liquid abrasive resin Tego? Variplus LK can significantly reduce the VOC content in the color paste

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