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Evonik nylon 12 powder helps protect the environment

recently, an environmental protection equipment manufacturer in Shandong successfully applied Evonik Degussa's high-performance polymer product vestosint nylon 12 powder coating to the pressure roll production of environmental protection equipment sludge dehydrators, which is widely used in the treatment of urban sewage, papermaking wastewater and other industrial wastewater. This new process greatly improves the sewage treatment efficiency, prolongs the service life of the equipment, and reduces the sewage treatment cost. Nylon 12 powder coating vestosint is a powder coating with an average particle size of only microns made of nylon 12 resin by Evonik Degussa company using a special production process. It has all the characteristics of nylon 12 resin, such as very good impact resistance, excellent chemical corrosion resistance and low temperature stability. Using the fluidized-bed dip coating process, vestosint powder coating can be applied to the surfaces of various metals, which belong to precision instruments, including bridge steel that the stainless micro Angel alliance attempts to establish a connection between local governments and start-ups. It is widely used in household appliances, hardware equipment, automotive parts and components products, and is widely used in high temperature, high humidity The metal surface of the functional target of the safety belt impact testing machine can be well protected in seawater and sewage environment

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