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Evonik: plastic rubber components without adhesive

lwb Steinl GmbH and Evonik industries have combined their experience to manufacture rotationally symmetric plastic/rubber composite components: Evonik supplies polyamide 612 vestamiddx9325, which can be bonded with EPDM without adhesive. LWB Steinl provides expertise in two-component injection molding. Its automated manufacturing process can be visited at booth 309 of LWB Steinl at the German rubber conference from July 2 to 5

where rubber parts must be permanently fixed or installed, the composite materials composed of hard parts and elastomers have proved their value. In order to reduce the weight, the traditional hard parts made of metal have been replaced by suitable plastics. They have two other advantages: they do not corrode; In the process of injection molding, they can effectively form complex molded parts, which enables designers to design complex components more flexibly. The combination of soft and hard parts is the decisive standard for the long-term effect of composite materials, which is usually achieved by the adhesive. The adhesive needs to take protective measures to prevent its emission to the environment, and it is also necessary to treat the adhesive in an environmentally friendly way

Evonik has developed various plastic compounds that make the use of adhesives redundant. The compounds constituting the components can form close and durable bonds with suitable rubber compounds without pretreatment or the use of adhesives or binders. Vestamiddx9325 material is a 40% glass fiber reinforced polyamide 612 compound specially developed for plastic rubber composite technology. It can also be co vulcanized with EPDM. The semi crystalline vestamiddx9325 has good chemical resistance to fuels, Oils and fats

EPDM composite parts can be produced in one step, most of which are automated processes, similar to two component injection molding in one tool, without multiple processing of components, avoiding mistakes and reducing the scrap rate. Therefore, depending on the specific conditions of the plant, BASF can save up to 30% of the cost. BASF will also show the cost of multi-material protective covers based on the new ultracom product and service portfolio on site. It can be divided into manual grinding and mechanical grinding

at booth 107 of Evonik in hall 12, you can learn more about the patented plastic/rubber bonding process, and the pa612, PPA and PPE molding compounds specially developed for this process, as well as the adhesives that can successfully solve the lead bismuth smelting dilemma without the new material workshop of Guixi Smelter, relative to SBR, nr/sbr, nbr/sbr, NBR, XNBR, HNBR, AEM and FPM adhesives

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