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Cartier doors and windows was established in 1999, with the introduction of German system doors and windows. It sits on two aircraft carrier level production bases, Foshan, Guangdong and Chengdu, Sichuan, covering an area of more than 70 mu

door and window brands take advantage of the "Internet +" to build the core competitiveness of the home decoration market

-- an exclusive interview with shaoshunming, marketing director of Cartier doors and windows

Cartier doors and windows was founded in 1999, introduced German system doors and windows, and sits on two aircraft carrier production bases in Foshan, Guangdong and Chengdu, Sichuan, accounting for more than 70 mu; It is a door and window enterprise focusing on villas, home decoration, customized bridge cutoff aluminum doors and windows, and sunshine houses. It has won the honors of "top ten brands of aluminum alloy doors and windows in Guangdong Province", "top ten brands of excellent aluminum doors and windows in Guangdong Province" and "good doors and windows in China". The company has always adhered to the concept that good reputation is the guarantee of brand, and details achieve quality, and insisted on giving back to customers with high-quality service

Cartier has integrated the comfortable, elegant and rigorous product design concept of German doors and windows with Chinese traditional culture, and created Cartier doors and windows with German characteristics and Chinese flavor. Noble doors and windows with German quality and Chinese elegance have been popular with the majority of consumers after they were launched into the market

(Sina home interview with president Shao)

product positioning and ingenuity are indispensable

according to the editor, Cartier door and window products are customized according to the German system door and window standards, and customized according to domestic villas and home decoration houses. At present, its sales volume is good, and the products recognized by market consumers include "typhoon terminator", "glory of the king", "star of Cartier" series, etc. The Cartier brand integrates the trend elements of the younger generation, combines the traditional Chinese culture, and forms a product style with a strong Sino German style

with people's attention to home environmental protection, president Shao believes that the next outlet of the door and window industry is energy conservation, environmental protection and silence. According to market research, the market valuation of system doors and windows in the next five years will reach hundreds of billions of yuan, so Cartier uses the spirit of ingenuity to improve each product, strives to meet the decoration concept of the young generation, and inherits doors and windows to the next generation as a luxury. President Shao pointed out that he has always adhered to the German concept of Seiko production, and believes that more humanized, practical and universal door and window products will become the trend of the future door and window market

brand promotion, build "pirate king" in the era of big data.

Carty doors and windows has always shouldered the enterprise mission of focusing on quality and production. At the same time, it has built a new "o2o" marketing and promotion system in combination with the Internet, and strives to promote the benign cycle development of terminal sales channels. In addition to participating in awards activities in major industries and national store promotions in major festivals, Carty also cooperates with mainstream home building materials media and print media to launch outdoor advertisements in national high-speed rail, highway signs and local bus stations, with the purpose of continuously shaping the brand image, especially building consumer reputation

the most important thing is that Cartier doors and windows adopts online "pirate king mode" partners to seize the sea. Cooperate with B2B platforms such as Alibaba, Taobao and Gome, as well as Internet o2o home decoration platforms such as tuba and 58jiajia, and at the same time develop wechat applets and Carty door and window apps, so that consumers can pay attention to door and window products only with their mobile phones, and then integrate such information with local cooperative dealers, so that demanders can get the most suitable products and achieve win-win prosperity

at the same time, Mr. Shao said that the reason why Cartier doors and windows did not use spokesmen as brand packaging was because he firmly believed that most door and window enterprises could not enhance the brand value of enterprises by asking third and fourth tier stars to endorse, but increased the purchase cost of consumers. It was better to invest resources in product research and development and terminal services to bring more value to consumers

for future development, VI and Si images will be combined with 5S services

Carty doors and windows will comprehensively upgrade the sixth set of VI terminal identification system, Si store image. Let consumers feel the craftsman spirit in the bone marrow of German Cartier doors and windows, as well as pragmatism embodied in product positioning, brand packaging and new trademarks. We have made an overall new plan for the franchise store, showing people with a new image from the marketing channels, enterprise systems, product design, etc., and shaping a more personalized experience of products from the perspective of consumer needs

(image of the 6th generation of franchised stores)

general manager Shao believes that enterprises should put service in the first place, create brand characteristics with "international vision and localized service", and return to product humanization. Carty has a group of excellent students with bachelor's and master's degrees. It has established a nanny operation team to create a "5S" all-round service model, pay full attention to consumer satisfaction, achieve pre-sales, in-sales, after-sales, summary and improvement, and solve all kinds of troubles for consumers with nanny service

Cartier doors and windows attaches importance to the cultivation of professional and technical personnel, establishes and improves the system conducive to the cultivation of craftsman spirit, and firmly establishes the value system that nourishes craftsman spirit. Because you craftsmen who keep improving, persevere and meticulous can continue to grow and develop better and better





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