Sunning 4 decoration style design renderings

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The effect picture of home decoration design is the faithful expression of many factors such as the shape, structure, color and texture of the object, which truly reproduces the creativity of the designer, so as to communicate the visual language between the designer and the viewer, so that people can more clearly understand the performance, structure and materials of the design. So choosing a good home decoration design rendering is actually choosing a decoration style we like, because this Zhangjiazhuang design rendering is the style of our house after decoration. The following Xiaobian will explain its concept in detail with the home decoration design rendering of Shangpin home furnishing new home network

home decoration design effect picture 1

takes elegant white as the main tone, and integrates some fine late accessories into the design style, fully reflecting a comfortable and comfortable living atmosphere. The cabinet design abandons the tedious and luxurious, and combines the beautiful modeling of classicism and the functional allocation of neoclassicism. It is simple and lively, easy to take care of, practical but beautiful

home decoration design effect drawing II

the overall space is shaped with strong contrast colors, highlighting the texture and material of the Korean pastoral style cabinet. Wallpapers, lamps, paintings, floors, home textile supplies, etc. are properly used, which are unified with the overall style of furniture, shaping an elegant temperament for the bedroom

home decoration design effect picture III

advocating the simple and natural pastoral life concept and the pursuit of fashion, the fresh and elegant maple wood grain gives busy modern urbanites a little longing, combined with the large curved door panel suction plastic modeling, highlighting the sense of fashion technology. Pay attention to details, and create a fashionable and elegant home style through the exquisite matching of natural and fresh Maple grain and steel frame

home decoration design effect figure 4

the British white oak with aging effect shows a light milky yellow luster. It is the best background to create an idyllic style, presenting another warm idyllic home atmosphere. The exquisite and chic shutter shape outlines the charm and style of classical furniture, which is the first choice for restaurants pursuing emotional appeal




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