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The overall wardrobe can be customized according to the space of our bedroom, which is popular with many people. How should we choose the overall wardrobe that meets our own needs? Now let's teach the three selection rules

the whole wardrobe has generally broken into people's home life. The whole wardrobe can not only give us convenient home life, but also bring a fashionable and comfortable life experience. Moreover, the overall wardrobe does not necessarily need a large floor space. It can be customized according to the space of its own bedroom, which is popular with many people. So how should we choose the overall wardrobe that meets our own needs? Now let's teach the three selection rules

rule 1: only considerate details can win

although the wardrobe is an ordinary household product in the bedroom, if the design and production of the wardrobe can be unique, it is necessary to do a good job in details. The humanized design of the wardrobe can be more popular with consumers

the powerful and delicate detail function setting of the wardrobe is the key to win. The division of wardrobe functions is particularly important. How to reasonably and effectively separate clothes, ties, scarves and other items can maximize the use and save space. When setting, it can also be adjusted according to the height structure or living habits of consumers. Some brand wardrobes can even do inductive processing, that is, when the human body is about how far away from the wardrobe, the door of the wardrobe can be opened automatically, and the built-in wireless light of the wardrobe can be opened automatically, which makes it more convenient and time-saving for consumers to find clothes. More considerate, such devices are even installed on the drawer, which is really humanized to the end

rule 2: environmental protection can also be customized

green environmental protection is the home life that many people pursue. Environmental protection is a big topic in all walks of life these years. Nowadays, home decoration is naturally inseparable from environmental protection. Many people know that home decoration is a major polluter. This pollution is not only from the decoration materials themselves, but also related to the furniture selected in the later stage. Therefore, when purchasing the overall wardrobe, it is also very important to pay attention to the environmental protection of the wardrobe itself for the health of yourself and your family

the overall wardrobe is mainly composed of plates, so whether the plates are environmentally friendly is easy to be paid attention to, but by contrast, do the auxiliary materials need not pay attention to environmental protection? The answer is No. In terms of hinges, different materials have different effects. For example, certified environmentally friendly steel and alloy materials can be combined perfectly between rigid and flexible materials, which can enhance the service life of hinges without any pollution. In addition, glue is also a necessary auxiliary material in the overall wardrobe. Some better brand wardrobe will choose environmentally friendly glue that meets the international E0 standard

rule 3: reasonable design is essential

although it is an integral wardrobe, it does not mean that the whole is in an unalterable state. On the contrary, the integral wardrobe has the function of personalized customization, and reasonable design will make your wardrobe icing on the cake. Most consumers are not experts, which is reflected not only in home design, but also in the design of the overall wardrobe. It is necessary to have professional designers to serve you

compared with a few years ago, the overall wardrobe only belongs to a small number of people, and the service is not close to the people. In addition, the brand wardrobe now is considerate. When choosing a wardrobe, consumers can also enjoy personalized and considerate services at the same time. Like house design, the design of brand wardrobe has become the focus of current services. They will arrange professionals to measure on-site and give specific design schemes according to the composition of the owner. Whether it is the overall style coordination between the wardrobe and the home, or the material selection of the cabinet, or even details such as hinges and slides, consumers can choose according to their preferences

comfortable living is a wardrobe brand with ten-year brand influence. It must have a brand position that can not be ignored in the industry, and it also has a high brand reputation in the hearts of consumers. Comfortable living wardrobe products will certainly bring a comfortable and convenient life to every consumer





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