Shuian Xingcheng netizens wear 110000 clothes and

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The Mediterranean Sea, with a little bit of countryside, is cool and warm, which can be called the perfect life in summer. This case is the decoration effect drawing of the home of netizens in Shuian Xingcheng. 110000 people decorate it in a beautiful and warm pastoral Mediterranean style, and the three rooms and two halls are full of romance everywhere. Let's take a look at the following three bedroom decoration case

decoration owner files

decoration community: Shuian Xingcheng

decoration house type: 3 bedrooms and 2 halls

decoration style: Mediterranean style mixed with pastoral style (more exquisite decoration effect drawings)

decoration budget: 110000

decoration company: puqiang decoration (decoration bidding, decoration map)

the home is decorated in an alternative Mediterranean style, It won't seem too cold, and it will be very suitable in winter.

when I came to this bright living room, I kept saying when I bought the sofa, I want a Chivas. Although we know it's not suitable, we just like it So there is a massage lounge chair! Photo of Chivas store( )

take a close-up of the background wall. The hanging decorations on the background are not complete, but they are all on when you make up shooting





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